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tribelli® is brought to you by the best vegetable growers. Our farmers care about respecting nature and farming in sustainable ways, with high regard for the Earth’s natural resources.

01. The seed

It all starts with something very small. That something is a seed which combines nature and innovation. This seed contains all the qualities that will unfold as the Tribelli peppers make their journey from seed to table – that is, the tables of their European consumers.

02. From the earth, natural and sustainable

Our farmers care about cultivating the Tribelli peppers in a sustainable way, looking after the soil and the earth and practising sustainable farming techniques, with the aim of preserving natural resources and ensuring an ever-brighter future.

03. Integrated pest management

Our farmers use sustainable farming methods that respect the environment. Integrated pest management is one way in which natural resources are used to care for the crops. By using insects natural predators, it is possible to maintain a perfect equilibrium in the auxiliary fauna, which leads to the regulation of the entire ecosystem, without the need for pesticides and plant protection products.

04. Farmers

Our farmers are leading professionals in their field. They love what they do, and that is why they do it so well. They look after their crops from seed to end product, and it is thanks to them that the Tribelli® [peppers] reach the consumers’ tables full of sweetness and flavour.

05. Harvesting and distribution

After harvesting, the tribelli® peppers reach their European consumers fresh and ready to eat. An intensive post-harvesting process ensures that the tribelli® peppers stay perfectly fresh, from day one up until several days after picking.
tribelli® peppers are available in Europe’s large supermarkets.