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Boost your creativity and enjoy the freedom of the multiple uses of Tribelli.


Where should
I put you…

Did you know that Tribelli has a very long life, especially when they are kept refrigerated? Tribelli stay fresher more than 20 days!
In any case, keep them far from any direct strong sunlight.


Grill them!

Did you know that another great chance of enjoying Tribelli is grilling them?

  1. Lay them down on a grill pan and turn the grill on to high.
  2. Turn them fron now and then.
  3. Turn off the grill when their skin is already blackened.
  4. Ready to eat!

(If you like them skinless, put them in a bowl and wait until they cool down. Once cold, skin can be taken very easily!)


EAT’em all!

Any ideas to spice up your salad?
Add Tribelli in slices! They will add color, taste and a lot of nutrients!
Tribelli does not have lots of seeds inside, which makes thing easier when preparing it.
Do you want more inspiration?
Go check Tribelli Pleasure section… lots of delicious recipes that will conquer your heart and soul.


Dress the salad!

One of our favorite way of eating Tribelli?
As a snack, of course! Tribelli are not once, nor twice but triple sweet!
Enjoy Tribelli as a healthy snack between hours, they can easily brought to have a snack in the office or at school. This is also the best way to take all the advantages from their nutritional value.
Why? Did you know that Orange Tribelli has more Vitamin C than an orange?
Well, now you do. Take this opportunity and bite it!


Stuffed turkey?
Nope, Stuffed Tribelli!

Turkey is not the only thing you can stuff in the oven. Tribelli can serve for this purpose too.
Have you ever tried to stuff Tribelli? You can put rice, mince meat, cheese, vegetables… There are no limits to creativity.
Do you want an hint? Go check our recipes!


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Stuffed Tribelli®
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