Tribelli is the result of the best varieties in the hands of the best growers, grower-shippers, and trade-marketers underpinned by solid communication.


Our peppers are the result of an intensive breeding process where we pay special attention to the taste and sweetness of Tribelli.


Tribelli’s production is based on the respect for nature, and on the optimization of natural resources. The best practices used and the work of our partners make Tribelli a unique product.


Our goal is to provide value and trust reliability along all of the steps of the chain, Tribelli means trust and quality.

If you say Tribelli you mean…


We take our sweetness to the extreme. We evoke and transmit the unique flavour of our product.


We are committed to continuous improvement that allows us to adapt Tribelli to different sizes, packaging, and characteristics, offering solutions to match the demands of each customer.


Freedom to create new experiences that adapt to today’s society.