Tribelli in Fruit Attraction 2019

From October 22nd to October 24th, Tribelli participated in Fruit Attraction together with the 7 European partners, Murgiverde, Agroiris, Vicasol, Granada La Palma, Sat Campos de Granada, Indasol and Fruca Marketing and, for the first time, it also had a space on its own.

Tribelli put a special highlight on the Superior taste award, even more proof of Tribelli sweetness, by creating a fresh and customized packaging that could inspire our partners and fascinate retailers.

Working together with partners, it was possible to find ‘candy-dispensers’ from which people could take Tribelli-to-go with them. Each partner had one Tribelli dispenser and a lot of people enjoyed this new and healthy way of tasting Tribelli triple sweet-on-the-go. In Tribelli’s booth, which was also advertised in strategic access point of the fair, it was possible to sign in to receive personalized recipes through Tribelli recipes app.

Beatriz López, Marketing department stated “It has been a real experience, as we have strengthened our relations with our partners. Thanks to the communication plan before and during the fair, we have increased brand image and awareness -even through articles in the most famous, specialized press.”

Tribelli is much more than just a pepper and, following the campaign motto ‘Always more than what you expect!’, new creative ways, such as Tribelli Ice-cream, have been used to promote the brand.

Next stop: House fair Spain 2019, Nov, 13th, inside Enza Zaden facilities in Santa María del Águila, Almería.


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Tribelli® in Fruit Attraction 2019